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Online PokerPoker is the most popular casino game and is familiar all over the world. There are thousands of players in the casinos card rooms and a grouping more in the online winner poker rooms and the poker reviews.

It is vital to perform and study the poker terms and rules and strategy guides in order to be familiar with how to play the game and be a skilled poker player. Winning poker is all about the application and reapplication of advantages over a long period of time. If you have fun better than your opponents to a degree that overcomes the rake, you win. A problem with this that plagues many otherwise good players, especially those that play in very live games regularly, is that when they hit losing streaks or when bad luck hits them extra hard, they on the face of it lose touch with the procedure of what is happening when they win. Simply the poker math should tell him that a hand that wins 40% (or 35% or 25%) of the time against seven players is enormously profitable. He should be welcoming those 60% (or 65% or 75%) of the times he does not win! You need to expect to lose most of the time to win in the long run.

Bad luck not only destroys some players because they play too high for their poker bankroll, it destroys their game mentally because they can't stand losing to weaker players. A lot of above average players simply need a more reasonable idea about how their edge makes them their money and the poker payment. The way to win is to focus on playing your best to get that 6-to-5 edge, not on whether you win the flip this hour. If you do genuinely have an edge, and you simply go in and play your best all the time, what happens is you get something like this 600-500 or 120-100 coin flip every hour. Isn't that great? But what a lot of players do is when as the 6-5 favorite they lose the toss three or four or ten times in a row, they start steaming and playing less optimally and tearing themselves up inside about their bad luck. Essentially what "tilt" is, for a winning player, is saying: okay, I've lost four of these coin flips in a row, so to obtain even for the day I'm going to take an additional pair of flips this hour, but in these extra flips I'm going to be the 5-6 underdog.

Sometimes you'll have a run of bad luck (be it an hour, a day, a month or a few months) when you are the coin flip favorite. Big deal, this is no excuse for trying to "get even" by transforming yourself from a favorite to an underdog just so you can get more flips that day! Next time you are tilting and chasing, or playing an extra long session when you are stuck, ask yourself why instead of having the possibility to flip a coin once an hour to win 600 while risking 500 you are insisting on all these extra flips wherever you can win 500 (or 465 or 275) while risking 600! In this site we have also say much about low poker VS. High-low poker.


Poker Terms

Remember some World Series of Poker rules capacity change, so, before playing; be sure to check with the casino for any revisions to the rules of World Series of Poker. A player who wants to use a mobile phone must step away from the table. All cards will be turned face-up once a player is all-in and all action is complete. These are some factors you require to consider if you are interested in playing at The World Series of Poker, this are the rules you may want to fallow if you want to happen to the next Champion. You must be over 21 years of age to play in any World Series of Poker Tournament. Tournament and satellite seats will be randomly appointed.

Poker Terms

Chip chase rule: when it is time to color-up chips they will be raced off with a maximum of one chip going to any player. The chip race will always start in the number one seat. A player cannot be raced out of a tournament. In the event that a player looses the race he will then be given one chip of the smallest denomination still in play.

Play with Dead Button: Tournament play will use a dead button. In limit games, an oversized chip will be constituted to be a call if the player does not declare a raise. In no-limit an oversized chip before the flop is a call, and after the flop an oversized chip by the initial bettor put in the pot will constitute the size of the bet?

Place money in the pot: A player have to be at the table by the time all players have complete hands in order to have his hand live. Players must be at the table to call in time. In flop games the big blind’s hand will be dead if he is not there to act on it before the flop. You will not find any kind of similar rules in the chess rules. In stud games the forced low hand will be immediately dead if the player is not there to act on his hand at the time he is required to put money in the pot. In the pot will constitute the size of the bet?

Poker Odd chips: will go to the highest hand. In flop games, when there are two or more high hands or two or more low hands, the Poker odd chips will go to the left of the button. In stud type games the odd chip will go to the highest card by suit. There will be an exception to this rule if an effort is made in identical hand situations to split the pot as evenly as possible.

Side Pots: Each side pot will be split as a separate pot. They will not be mixed together before they are split.

Penalty For maltreatment: Penalties will be invoked in cases of maltreatment, disruptive behavior or similar happenings. If a player puts in a raise of 50% or more of the previous bet he will then be required to make a full raise. The raise will be precisely the minimum raise allowed.

Clock procedures: If action has not been taken by the time the minute is over, there will be a ten second countdown. If a player has not acted on his hand by the time the countdown is over the hand will be dead. Once a realistic amount of time has passed and a clock is called for, a player will be given one minute to make a decision.


How to make Poker payment

How to make Poker payment

How to make a payment The Internet can be an intimidating place. One of the main problems introduced by the Internet is user security regarding money and money transfer in the new virtual world. We all love to buy products online, take advantage of various online services and, of course, play casino online poker! But what are the options you have when you wish to take part in any of these activities?

Credit cards

Credit cards are by far the most popular form of online poker payment. About half of all online gamblers use credit cards. A credit card is different from other types of cards, such as debit cards and charge cards, in that it does not remove money from the user's account after every transaction and does not require the balance to be paid in full each month. Instead, credit cards lend money to the consumer, with the option of "revolving" their balance, at the cost of having interest emotional. Paying with credit cards online is considered safe. Most reputable online casinos use TLS/SSL (Transport Layer Security), which encrypts card numbers and helps to protect clients. Using credit cards also provide defense against fraud in most cases since credit cards companies repay their clients if they have been victims of a fraud.

Debit Cards

Debit cards are very much like credit cards, however their functionality are similar to writing a check, since the money is withdrawn directly from the cardholder's bank account. Online debit cards require electronic authorization of every transaction and the debits are instantly reflected in the user’s account. Transactions can also be secured using the personal identification number (PIN) authentication system. This is even required by some online cards for every transaction you make to increase your account's security.


A well known digital wallet. Many online casinos offer large bonuses for players using Neteller. It is friendly, easy to use and signing up for an account is free. The company, which was founded in 1999, Deals first and foremost with online gambling sites. It was comparatively small until PayPal stopped accepting gambling-related transactions in 2002. It is accepted by virtually all online gambling sites and is considered safe.


A digital wallet or E-Wallet, serves as wallet for online purchases. Registering for a digital wallet requires minimal setup and is quite easy to use. Once the software is installed, the user begins by entering all the relevant information. The account is password protected and prevents unauthorized users from viewing your personal information stored on a particular computer. Using digital wallets is more convenient and in many cases, safer than other forms of payments due to the fact that the user's account is centered in one account at a single company Neteller All you have to do is know your user name (usually your email address) and your password and you can start buying in most major websites.


Moneybookers is one of the biggest online-payment services in the world. The UK-based company, as a security measure limits transfers received by accounts to thousands of dollars or Euros. Unlike many other online money transfer services, Moneybookers requires identity verification before using their service, which minimizes fraud and prevents money laundering. Moneybookers have more than 2 million users and are quite safe to use.


Low poker VS. High-low poker

Low poker VS. High-low poker

To mix things up, why not turn the value scale in poker upside down? Suddenly a straight flush is the worst possible hand, and the best hand is - yes, which hand is the best hand in low poker, really? As often in poker, it depends.

First of all, there are several kinds of low poker. They use different rules to decide which hand is the best. Let's take a look at the two most common ones.

Ace to five low poker (A-5)

In A-5 low poker games, the ace is the lowest card in the deck. Straights and flushes are neglected and don't count against a low hand. As a consequence, the lowest (and best) five card poker hand in these games is A-2-3-4-5.

Pair, two pair, trips, full houses and quads always count against a low hand, so a hand like A-A-2-3-4 (a pair of aces) is higher than 4-5-6-7-8.

The ace-to-five rule is used in most games of low poker and high-low poker, such as Razz (Seven Card Stud Low) and Omaha High-Low.

Deuce to seven low poker (2-7)

If instead you regard the ace as the highest card and also give due respect to straights and flushes, the lowest possible hand is 2-3-4-5-7.You'll find this way of looking at things in a very popular game called 2-7 Triple Draw.

Smart trick to compare low hands

So, let's try your ability to judge low poker hands. In a game of A-5 low poker, how do the following three hands rank?

  • A-2-3-4-6
  • A-3-4-5-6
  • 2-3-4-5-6

For many players, this is a really tricky question. More than one home game has been thrashed after controversies over this kind of match-ups. Which is completely unnecessary, seeing that there’s a really simple rule to settle the issue? Order each hand from high card to low card, while replacing aces with the number 1. Then look at the hands as if they were numbers.

High-low split poker

Once you've come to appreciate the beauty of low poker, perhaps your old friend high poker comes back and knocks at the door. Maybe you feel split between the two, so what should you do? It's obvious; you should be playing high-low split poker.

In high-low games, the highest five card poker hand shares the pot equally with the lowest hand. They split the pot, hence the name.

Most high-low games use the A-5 rule to define the lowest hand. The best low hand, A-2-3-4-5, can also be used as a decent high hand, an ace-to-five straight. It's in this context that this hand has got its nickname, the wheel.

Scooping and its importance

The pot being split between two or more hands gives rise to a couple of new concepts that are very important to grasp: scooping and being quartered.

In high-low poker, if for example you flop a straight draw, there's one thing you need to realize: you could be drawing to win only half the pot. Of course, this makes your pot odds much worse.

Winning both the high and the low part of the pot is called scooping, and is a really important concept in high-low poker, for the reason just mentioned.


Poker Room Reviews

Read our in-depth poker room reviews and find out what we think of the various online poker sites out there, with their pros and cons. We try to give a picture of the individual rooms that is as accurate as possible, but if you have any kinds of objections or suggestions, please let us know.

Betfair Poker Review

Bonus $1000

U.S. Players No Play at the world’s largest sports exchange platform – Betfair Poker. Lots of loose games and Betfair provides an excellent financial security.

Massive sign-up bonus, High-value promotions, Great leaderboard promotion .

PlayersOnly Poker Review

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U.S. Players Yes as Players Only is a new poker room they are sure to have some pretty profitable promotions. Join this fast growing online poker room now!

Accepts US Players, Comprehensive statistics, Great promotions

Poker Stars Review

Bonus $50

U.S. Players Yes This is truly a great online poker room focusing on usability and playability. Add good gaming traffic to that and you have everything you need!

FPP store with good stuff, Great heads-up play, Inter-player cash transfer.

Pacific Poker Review

Bonus $400

U.S. Players No As Pacific Poker is running daily $5,000 and $10,000 guaranteed tournaments you can rest assure you won’t have any problems finding players. Join a poker room that’s always offering new...

Soft Holdem games, Good promotions, Supports Poker Tracker .

Carbon Poker Review

Bonus $550

U.S. Players Yes Play the game of your pick at a growing site. Why not try the new monthly $50,000 comp point freeroll?

Excellent innovative software, diverse game selection, Vector-based graphics for clarity .

Bodog Poker Review

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U.S. Players Yes Bodog Poker offers a great game variety meaning you’re bound to find the game you’re interested in. One of the best poker software’s on the Internet today.

Great software, Easy games at lower limits ,Interesting promotions.